Competitive Exams

As a “Learning School”,we are aware of the need to be at the forefront of educational thinking, offering the highest quality educational experience.

Our objective is to meet the collective and individual needs of our students preparing them for life in the 21st century and challenging and supporting them to reach beyond their perceived potential.

In today’s environment, exposure to various types of competitive exams in different subjects at different levels is a must. School provides information and motivates children to participate actively in these exams.

Exam Eligibility and Exam Dates 


SilverZone Olympiads:
Mathematics, Science, English , IIO, S.St., Hindi (for classes I-XII (Oct/Dec)

S.O.F. Olympiads:
Mathematics, Science, English(For classes I – XII) (Oct/Dec)

N.S.T.S.E. Olympiad:
Mathematics and Science(Combined Exam)(For classes I-XII) (Dec/Jan)

International Handwriting Olympiad:
(For classes Nur. – X) (Aug/Sep)

OCAS Astronomy Olympiad:
(For classes I – X) (Nov/Dec)

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