Sr. Secondary School Curriculum

We prescribe to progressive curriculum of Central Board of Sr. Secondary Education (CBSE)

A child may be gifted or talented but he should pursue a different way of looking at the world and learning. The CBSE Curriculum is quite focussed on learning than intelligence of the learner. Its objective is to boost creative, critical and analytical thinking among students through Scholastic and Co- Scholastic areas of learning and to make them global citizens of the future. It promotes desired competencies in all the three educational domains and provides the learners a cooperative and collaborative learning approach. It also promotes inclusive education, Art Integrated learning and innovative forms of teaching so as to foster desired skills. Co-Scholastic areas include Creative Arts, Social work, Health and Physical education. Its prime focus is to develop optimism, contentment and livelihood skills among the learners by providing an exposure to lessons based on Scholastic and Co-Scholastic subjects. Mental and Physical well-being, appreciation and acceptance of natural and social norms are also taken care of in the Curriculum so as to create a positive attitude and holistic development among the children.

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