Community Service

With the world becoming increasingly materialistic, it is time Community Service finds a place in every School curriculum. To be socially conscious, to respect all sections of society and to appreciate dignity of labour, the school has incorporated Community Services in its programme.

The children are made to visit and perform Community Service in near by orphanages and old age homes. This helps children respect senior people and understand the hardship faced by under privileged section of our society. The programme also includes child literacy, tree planting, first aid, campus cleaning etc.

Eco Club

o promote environmental awareness, the Eco Club of the school organized a workshop on eco –waste with an aim to sensitize the students on various issues like combating climate change and e-waste management.

The Students of this club actively participate in activities like Tree Plantation Drives, “Say no to Plastic” campaigns and the like to encourage awareness about the deadly menace called “Environmental Pollution”.

Cookery Club

Diet plays the most important role in our lives and healthy diet has taken over totally new dimensions. Hence , to aware the students about the importance of healthy diet , we have introduced the cookery club in our curriculum wherein the students are not only encouraged to eat a balanced and healthy diet but also try a hand at cooking. Some special features of the club are:

Cooking without fire
Ab har koi cook
Salads can be tasty too
Apron making
Menu planning
Table manners

Personality Development Club

A well rounded personality has several facets. Public speaking is an art every student must develop. Public speaking helps to develop confidence among students, and enables them to be better prepared to take on leadership positions in future life. To be confident leaders, efforts have to begin at primary level.

Hesitation and failure to present thoughts clearly is a prominent feature in today’s child. To brush up our student”s communication skills to global standards, the Personality Enhancement Club endeavors to bring about substantial change in oral communication skills among st students.

Antriksh Club

With the prospect to inspire young minds interested in Astronomy and Space Science, the school has introduced Antriksh Education at Primary level.

Primary-module Antriksh Club caters students of standard 3rd-5th, implementing education in a way that ensures absolute connectivity of each child with Astronomy.

Club Highlights

History of Astronauts and Astronomy
Home Kit with every session
Sky telescope observation
Pop Pockets
Outdoor Fun Picnic
Field Trips
Parachute making & launching
And many more…

Robotics Club

To ignite young minds and help them excel in the field of Robotics, the school has incorporated Robotics Club at all three levels- Primary, Middle and Senior.

The school has direct tie-up with BULO(The Building Blocks)- A reputed name in Robotics Education field.

The instructors in Club, from BULO, assist students in building simple as well as complex robotics machines like automated pulley hand, debris cleaning robot, etc. The Club is all in all a site for fun as well as competition.


Club Highlights

  • Robotics Kit for every child
  • Reputed instructors for assistance
  • IRC(Inter-school Robotics Challenge) participation
  • Intra-level competitions
Clubs At Paramount
Clubs at Paramount primarily focus on five aspects:
Personality Development, Community Service, Awareness for the Environment, Developing Linguistic Skills and making ‘PARAMS’ Techno savvy.
The school runs seven clubs:
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