Sports Academies

To hone the sports skills of our students, we run different Sports Academies after school hours thrice a week, in the evenings.


Cricket Academy

The Paramount Cricket Academy’s objective is to bring up the standard of the young Cricketers and prepare them for the ‘big game’. We provide excellent infrastructure for practice. The students of the Academy are coached by an excellent player.


Tae Kwan Do Academy

The academy creates awareness on self defence. Training in karate, tae kwon do, kung fu and other styles improve one’s cardiovascular fitness as well as tone the muscular system.
An international player Mr. Sunil who has won many awards is the main coach. Evening classes thrice a week are taken up.


Football Academy

Structured physical activity like football instils discipline, camaraderie’s values like sporting spirit and trust. It also helps a child to take his own decision and sharpens his thinking process.

Football academy at Paramount provides training to children of all age groups.

Lawn Tennis Academy

The lawn tennis academy at Paramount provides physical and mental health benefits such as stress relief, weight loss and improved confidence in ‘PARAMS’.

Swimming Academy

Swimming Academy at Paramount provides special training sessions for parents and their wards during summer season(Morning and Evening sessions).Excellent coaches and lifeguards guide the learners.It takes up important life skills such as:

# Time Management
# Self-discipline
# Sportsmanship

Abacus Classes

A Child’s mind grabs some things with difficulty and has the tendency of forgetting learnt topics after some time.
With the help of abacus simple arithmetical functions become easy to learn. Nowadays abaci are used as toys by children. When children are asked to learn arithmetical calculation on their abaci they feel like playing and in this way they learn a lot without being bored at all.
To remove the Maths Phobia special Abacus classes are conducted thrice a week after school hours.

Dance Academy

Versatile Dance Academy provides quality learning through Bollywood Dance Classes to all students and helps them build a good hobby. Special dance forms like jazz, hip-hop, salsa and many more are taught by professionals. Aerobics Classes are also taken up for fitness and weight loss for neighbourhood ladies.

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Clubs at Paramount primarily focus on five aspects: Personality Development, Community Service, Awareness for the Environment, Developing Linguistic Skills and making ‘PARAMS’ Techno savvy. The school runs seven clubs: Sports Academies Cricket AcademyTae Kwan do AcademyFootball AcademyLawn Tennis AcademySwimming AcademyDance Academy Abacus ClassesSports Academies To hone the sports skills of our students, we run different

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