Pre School

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”- Dr. Hiam Ginnot

Kindergarten assessment process is an organized way to learn what children know and are able to do, including their disposition towards learning. An assessment process is carried out in ways that bring benefits to children by supporting children’s self-confidence and learning. We do not believe in formal examination for nursery and K.G. We, at Paramount pride ourselves in developing the all round personality & talent of each child through observation, activities and assignments.

Pre School children want to touch, taste, smell, hear and test things for themselves. Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual development of the child is very important and done through various activities like Clay Moulding, Paper tearing and pasting, Hand Printing, Fancy Dress, Colour Days, Collage making, Kitchenette activities, Story Dramatization, Show and Tell and many more.

Our endeavour is to enable the child to read, speak & write with understanding. We believe in imparting quality education that goes beyond textbook teaching & develops critical thinking. Personal attention is given to each child which fosters positive attitude among students. Promotion is granted to the child on the basis of his overall yearly progress.

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